In recent letter, drawing attention to fewer letters in local papers, am guilty myself of fewer letters since then, expecting other people might respond to one issue which jumped off the page for me, from Jan 28, below:

“Planning Panel ruled in 2019 that any future development on the Isle of Wight site should remain seven storeys at the front half of the site along The Esplanade, and five storeys at the rear.”

Is nobody at all concerned about this? Exact words that jumped off the page were “seven storeys at the front”… does this fit with the way we see Phillip Island? Does the world have space any more for what’s left of rustic charm? Or are we happy about downgrade to wannabe Gold Coast image?

New owners will already have started chucking serious organisation $ about. If we don’t agree with what they propose, there’s no way we can match their $ so don’t we need to make big noise ASAP, before they spend too many $?

Maybe they could compromise by making half of these storeys subterranean.

Bernie McComb, Cowes.