I wish to congratulate Bass Coast Shire and Brett Tessari, our Mayor, for seeing this concept through to its conclusion. It has taken three years.
Refurbishing an existing building to be repurposed for this use in a convenient location will benefit all the local tertiary students who wish to make use of this facility.

This has been made possible through the collaboration of the federal government, the shire and councillors who obtained the various grant monies for this purpose.

This will benefit those students who would like to go to one of the major university campuses in the CBD but are not able to take up the opportunity to be away from home. Here, they can study online before or after work due to the extended opening hours of this facility.

I was greatly impressed when I met the manager last week who will oversee the use of the centre. I understand that this is the first one in Victoria and there are more around the country – 12 in NSW, for example.

Glenn Cant, Inverloch.