ALL kinds of unique and rustic farming gear were auctioned off at Loch Railway Reserve on Sunday, with $130,000 worth of goods sold thanks to auctioneers from Nutrien Leongatha.

The commission from the clearing sale will generously go to Loch Primary School (LPS) and Lions Club of Strzelecki for vital projects.

The sale kicked off at 10am, with hundreds of locals and visitors enjoying the fantastic weather and everything from tractors, earth diggers, hay bales and farm equipment up for the highest bidder.

The event was organised by the Lions Club and LPS, with Nutrien Leongatha offering their auctioneers and staff free of charge to run the sales.
Brett Hamm, who advertised the event and is on the LPS council, said they estimated the school and club would receive up to $15,000 from the commission of the sales.

“It was $130,000 gross for the day and all the commission from that has been donated to the Lions Club and LPS,” Mr Hamm said.

“The Lions Club were planning to have a clearing sale as a fundraiser for the club, but then Will Jelbart (LPS council president), heard about it and basically approached them with the idea of joining up.

“We thought maybe we should do it between us as a joint fundraiser, and then they approached Nutrien Leongatha about running it.

“Nutrien has just been outstanding, and they didn’t charge us anything.

“They had about several staff working and the auctioneers, and they were willing to donate 100 per cent of the commission.

“That’s pretty incredible.”

Mr Hamm said in the lead up to the event, the Lions Club had approached farmers throughout the area to see if they wanted to sell any items.

“It was mainly people with a connection to either the Lions Club or LPS, that were putting items in the sale,” he said.

“But towards the end there were some external vendors who caught wind of it.

“The turn-out was really good and everything almost sold which was fantastic.”

There was a total of 32 vendors at the event, as well as volunteers from the Lions Club and LPS, who sold delicious homemade sweets and cooked up a classic sausage sizzle.