AN EXCLUSIVE herd of baristas and journalists were invited along to Poowong North recently for a peek behind the barn gate.

And they weren’t disappointed!

The knowledgeable and accommodating farmers, Luke and Melanie Wallace, who supply Gippsland Jersey, happily shared their expertise via a Q+A session hosted on-paddock amidst the personable Jersey milking cows.

Guests at the event also learnt why many consider Jersey-sourced milk to be the best when it comes to producing top-quality coffees, with its high-fat content perfect for creating creamy and silky frothed milk.

Zest Coffee was also on-hand during the day to keep the guests caffeinated and help raise awareness about the importance of high-quality milk for hot beverages.

Most café coffees contain up to 85 per cent milk, and the Gippsland Jersey team encouraged baristas to start considering their milk choices as seriously as the coffee beans they use.