Travis Millar from Bayswater recorded a victory in Wingless Sprints. Photo:
Louise Napier of Napier Photography.

By Dean Thompson, DMT Sports Media for Nyora Raceway Inc

NYORA Raceway’s latest show had something for everybody and a little more than we bargained for with a Demolition Derby won by Ben West, a fireworks display, a big money victory in Wingless Sprints to Travis Millar, a Ladies Standard Saloon Victorian champion crowned – being Ally Morrison, and unfortunately a visit from the Victorian Air Ambulance and local emergency crews after a huge crash left everybody stunned.

The Ladies Victorian Standard Saloon title was the highlight event for many and especially more so due to Mother’s Day the following day and the amount of local race driver representation. Nyora member Trish Dike was the defending champion going into the event with the last runner-up, Ally Morrison in the event again, along with Tracey Ingram, another representative of the Nyora club and all three ladies were considered great chances to win.

Six qualifiers were run with Courtney Meakins, Jaimi Barber, Trish Dike, Meakins again, Ingram and Sarah Meakins (Courtney’s mother) all winning. Morrison and Courtney Meakins provided the crowd with the youngest ladies’ title front row in a long time. With at least eight women in the field that would trouble any man in any race, a cracking race was provided. Morrison controlled the early laps from Courtney Meakins and Ingram.

Early in the piece a crash into the wall by Sarah Price unfortunately also resulted in Hanna Domburg’s car being damaged. Morrison, Meakins and Ingram had their own little battle, whilst back behind them others battled for fourth and fifth with positions changing back and forth every lap.
Zoe Young ran the highline providing entertainment as she kept scraping the back straight wall, it was not her car, and it will buff out. At 20 laps, Morrison drove past the chequered flag as the winner from Meakins, Ingram, Dike and Young in the top five. A post-race officials decision changed the positions and an after-presentation protest once the change in positions had been raised resulted in the protest being upheld and the positions reverting to the original result.

The Wingless Sprints had its own monster feature race on the night, for them it was a prize money feature event with $2000 to win on the line. After one round of heats with Thomas McDonald, Travis Millar, Matt Mills and Brett Milburn taking wins, a second round began.
In the attempt to run race one of round two, Ben Poliansky had a violent rollover after entering turn three that was all over in less than a few seconds with roughly seven rollovers occurring. Venue safety crews, local ambulance and fire brigade rescue crews all attended the crash scene where many feared the worst after seeing a tarpaulin erected around the crashed race car.

Thankfully, Poliansky regained consciousness and an Air Ambulance was called to the scene and took Poliansky away for treatment, tests and observation.

Together between the host club, the Wingless Association, and the officials, an adjusted programme was arranged to ensure the ladies’ title could be completed, the feature race for Wingless could be held and the Demolition Derby and fireworks could also take place.
Millar, who had been dubbed the ‘King of No Wings’ after many wins in short succession at Nyora as a Wingless Sprint racer, took the early feature race lead from Nyora hero Brett Milburn and was never headed in a shortened event race after stoppages. Millar won from Milburn, Mills, Chris Temby, and Kyle Mayson.

In supporting Sports Sedan action, Jamie Paull won the final from Marcus Reddecliffe, Wayne Alberni, Scott Angus and Bailey Perkins in a great race between Paull and Reddecliffe. In Speedway Sedan’s Australia Juniors, Lachlan Robins from Tasmania won from Seth Sloane and Kiara McKercher also of Tasmania based on their points results in qualifying as no feature was run.

Ben West then sent the crowd home happy after he won the Demolition Derby whilst Marcus Reddecliffe and Stephen Douglas were out of the Derby, both being injured after some hard hits.

A spectacular fireworks display sent all the families home happy. Nyora Raceway will be back on May 29 with the Speedway Sedans Victoria Junior Sedan state title and Wingless Sprints.