Like most locals, I groaned when I read of the plan for a designated bike lane along McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi (Sentinel-Times, April 27).

Why do we have city-centric people creating city-centric ideas for our country towns with no input from our poor local shopkeepers who are trying to get customers in and out of their shops?

Wonthaggi’s town centre has had, and will always have, a parking problem.

Could the planning people work on resolving this major issue instead of irrelevant, unwanted bike lanes and, while they are at it, consult with the people involved, who have told me of scarcely viewing bike riders in McBride Avenue.

I also wonder at the comment of “uplift in trade as more people can access shops”. It’s a bit hard to get your shopping home on a bike!

Wendy Donohue, Cape Paterson.