Driving on the road from Fish Creek towards the Prom, a large, square-topped hill rears up from the surrounding farmland.

This is Lavers Hill, clothed in ancient forest, parts of which have remained untouched for centuries.

Its trees stand on the steep slopes surrounding the Battery Creek reservoir, holding together the soil and preventing landslips. The native vegetation is part of a corridor linking the Strzeleckis with Cape Liptrap, a refuge for koalas, lyrebirds and bandicoots.

The land is owned by South Gippsland Shire Council and has the potential to become a local showpiece and tourist attraction to our area.

Currently, a quarry operates on part of the hill. This is nearing the end of its use and its site could be repurposed as a local history and environment information centre.

The hill has been important for the First Peoples of the area for thousands of years. An information centre sharing this fascinating history with forest walks radiating from it would appeal to many of the families travelling through and resident in our area.

As ratepayers, we should have a say in how our public land is used. The above is just one idea – what do we want our area to be like in 10 years’ time?

Anda Banikos, Fish Creek.