Editor’s note: Korumburra and District Historical Society has raised its concerns about the Top of Town building in the following letter to South Gippsland Shire Council.

Members of Korumburra and District Historical Society met on May 6 for their regular monthly meeting, and discussed the seemingly imminent destruction of the Top of the Town building.

There is much history written into the walls of this building, which has prompted members to attempt to document what they can of the history of the building, not that it will disappear with the building, rather it becomes something written into the collective memory of the townspeople. We are aware that the present building does not reflect that total history of the site. Of interest is the fact that at least some of the bricks in the present structure had a previous life in the buildings comprising the Austral mine.

We certainly encourage development of the town, but question whether that development has to come at the expense of the destruction of our past.

We are working towards being able to have plaques attached to our historical buildings, something that will begin quite soon. We are excited to know that this project, or the initial part of it, will soon be visible for residents and visitors to the area.

Members of our society wish to register an objection to the destruction of the Top of the Town building, we are saddened and disappointed that another of our historic building will be lost.

You might like to keep us informed as to the timeframe involved in the destruction of the building. We look forward to your response.

Janet Wilson, Korumburra and District Historical Society secretary.