SINCe undertaking work experience at Carinya Lodge in 2001, volunteer Jo Lomagno has developed an incredible passion for serving the facility’s residents.

The Korumburra born and bred local is one of Carinya’s star volunteers, and Jo is more than happy to dedicate her time each week to support the residents and staff however she can.

“I liked it that much that I kept coming back and I noticed the activities group were doing the footy tipping competition on top of everything else they do,” Jo said.

“I basically stepped in and did the footy tipping so now it’s my own thing.

“I enjoy it so much, the staff and residents get along well and they all welcomed me.

“It’s just making a smile on your face to brighten up their day, that’s all I want to do.”

Jo’s duties often include helping serve meals, organising activities, transporting residents throughout the
facility and, of course, having a friendly chat with anyone and everyone.

“I volunteer two days a week but I’ll drop in and say g’day, I’ve got my aunty here as well,” she said.

“I think it’s good for them (residents) to have a young person to look up to them.

“I sit down and have a joke and talk with them, it’s really good in that sense.”

In addition to her time at Carinya, Jo also works every Monday at Leongatha Library and is a crossing supervisor.

“In my spare time I help my sister with her family because she’s got a set of twins,” she said.

“But on my days off I just like to relax and enjoy catching up on a bit of housework.

“It’s good to volunteer, you’re working but you’re giving back to the community as well.”

Carinya needs more volunteers and encourages anyone interested to get involved.

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