LEONGATHA artist Melanie Caple has always enjoyed a bit of trivia and is the first to admit she tuned into quiz shows during lockdown.

And that’s why she described her experience on television quiz show, Millionaire Hot Seat, as a lot of fun.

Melanie’s episode was filmed back in March, but she had to wait until it aired last week on Monday, May 17 to recall how she responded to host Eddie McGuire’s banter and her own reactions – which is not surprising considering the outcome of her appearance.

After all, the freelance artist, painter and artists’ manager came within a single question of winning the $1000 fastest finger round, before going on to answer seven straight questions and winning $100,000.

“That’s a lot of murals,” she told Eddie after correctly answering the final question.

Melanie was first in with the correct answer three times in the fastest finger round. With just two questions remaining, she was only one behind two players in equal first place.

She got last two fastest finger questions correct but so did one of the leaders, leaving her in second place.

Melanie was elevated to the Hot Seat when another contestant passed on a question for $2500 and from there it was plain sailing – almost.

She said there was one question where her correct answer was “a completely wild guess”, while the final, $100,000 question was a 50-50 after she opted to eliminate two of the options.

How would you go with Melanie’s final seven questions? (Answers below).

$2500 – Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash typically wears what style of hat when performing on stage?
A. Baseball cap. B. Top hat. C. Beret. D. Cowboy hat.

$4000 – In Australia, a legal document given by the vendor to a real estate purchaser is known as the “Section” what?
A. 10. B. 32. C. 45. D. 88.

$6000 – The original animated version of which of these Disney feature films was released the most recently?
A. Mulan. B. The Little Mermaid. C. Aladdin, D. The Lion King.

$10,000 – First held in 1948, the ‘Stoke Mandeville Games’ were a precursor to which of these sporting events?
A. Paralympic Games. B. Commonwealth Games. C. Davis Cup. D. FIFA World Cup.

$20,000 – Which US President had many pets during his presidency, including a hyena, a bear, a pig and a badger?
A. George W. Bush. D. Herbert Hoover. C. Ronald Reagan. D. Theodore Roosevelt.

$50,000 – Originating in Spain, what type of food item is “horchata”?
A. Soup. B. Drink. C. Pastry. D. Meat Substitute.

$100,000 – What ancient Greek philosopher was the student of Plato in the fourth century BCE?
A. Archimedes. D. Pythagoras. C. Socrates. D. Aristotle.

Answers: $2500 – Top hat. $4000 – 32. $6000 – Mulan. $10,000 – Paralympic Games. $20,000 – Theodore Roosevelt. $50,000 – Drink. $100,000 – Aristotle.