It was most disturbing to read in your newspaper of the extent to which the Victorian National Party has capitulated to toxic green left ideology under the leadership of Peter Walsh (“Climate change is a Nationals issue, they say”, SGST, 25/5).

That the Victorian Nationals decided to use the coal town of Wonthaggi to confirm their abandonment of energy jobs in the Latrobe Valley and the reliable power provided by coal generation by embracing the pie in the sky idiocy of “net-zero” and the Paris Treaty on the same day that the NSW Nationals won a landslide by election victory in the Hunter Valley where John Barilaro, Matt Canavan and Barnaby Joyce campaigned very strongly in support of coal speaks volumes of how foolish the Victorian Nationals leadership is.

Do they think green activists are suddenly going to vote National? Come on, don’t be naive.

Your article also reported that the conference featured a “controversial” nomination for senior vice president by Lee Marchant. The “controversy” is said to be that he is a practising Christian.

Why does the Victorian National Party hate Christians? What happened to the party of Black Jack McEwen?

Matt Tudor, Morwell.