I recently witnessed the worst example of road rage I’ve seen in several years. An elderly man was finding it difficult to reverse out from an angle park, close to a roundabout. Impeding him was an impatient young tradesman in a high-cab ute.

A scene quickly developed, the young driver becoming abusive in a matter of seconds. He then used his vehicle to threaten the other driver’s vehicle, then roared around the frightened man in a clearly dangerous manner (and in a zone shared by pedestrians), accelerated hard around the roundabout, the whole time screaming abuse from his car window towards the elderly driver whilst gesticulating aggressively with his middle finger.

It was ugly. Really ugly.

This must have happened in Melbourne, right? Nope. It happened right here in Wonthaggi, at the roundabout in the Graham/Billson intersection (mid-April).

I’ve grown increasingly concerned, over the past year, that driver culture in Wonthaggi has notably worsened since late last decade. Tailgating and speeding are clearly more prevalent than just a few years ago. There are a lot of new residents in the area, and they have been welcomed but I can’t help wonder, have some moved to the country without the right civic spirit?

If you’re new to town, please slow down. Tailgating, speeding and being rude to elderly citizens is a very poor way to behave in your newly adopted town.

Michelle Nelson, Wonthaggi.