I am a motorist who uses Lynnes Road, Wattlebank each weekday. I have been doing this since commencing work in Wonthaggi in January.

Even before the recent legislation was passed to give cyclists 1 metre space at 60km/h and 1.5 metres space at 100km/h (my understanding) when overtaking, I have always overtaken as if they were another vehicle, i.e. completely changed lanes.

In recent times, I have been concerned that the regular cyclists on this road have started cycling two abreast, even with approaching cars travelling at the posted 100km/h speed limit.

This morning (29/04/2021), I was absolutely dumbfounded to approach these cyclists from the rear, only to have them spread out to three abreast in front of me.

I slowed completely and sounded my horn before changing lanes to overtake them.

My problem is, that although I am vigilant when approaching cyclists, they do nothing to help themselves and are putting themselves in unnecessary danger in the process.

With this morning’s episode, the third row of cyclists was less than half a metre from the centre line, causing me to have the driver’s side of my vehicle almost onto the gravel shoulder in order to maintain the required legal passing distance.

I am prepared to share the road with all legal road users, but it is every motorist’s/cyclist’s duty to conform to the safe operation of their vehicle.

The car drivers are often accused of driving irresponsibly when it comes to cyclists… wake up to yourselves and ride responsibly. Some of us try to offer you the courtesy but I won’t risk my safety because of your stupidity.

Glenn Coster, Korumburra.