THE not-for-profit Wonthaggi Seed Bank and Nursery held two open days last week.

The nursery mostly grows to order, however, there are often spares and the open days allow the public to pick up Indigenous tube stock.
And on the two open days last week, the nursery was popular amongst locals.

The tubes were great for creating a farm shelterbelt, commented one customer, while others were after plants to complement existing exotics.
Volunteers head out on a Monday to collect seeds, with propagation occurring on Wednesday in various “igloos” – greenhouses – followed by germination and then into tubes.

It seems simple, but as anyone trying to propagate at home would know, it takes work.

The volunteers at Wonthaggi Seed Bank and Nursery hold a collective vision, to plant species to help sustain valuable biodiversity and habitat for native birds and wildlife.

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