The impossible-to-achieve ideals women have struggled to live up to for decades have now been amplified by our wired and overly connected world.

It was the pitch to local women by workshops and events provider Hello Business that really struck a chord.

Promoting the ‘Tomorrow Woman Workshop and Dinner’ in Wonthaggi on Wednesday, May 11, it helped attract more than 90 women to the event, plus a significant waiting list.

It was sure sign there was plenty to talk about.

“There have been a lot of issues in the public domain for women to deal with in recent times and this was an opportunity to discuss some of those issues,” said recently arrived local health professional Diana Falla.

“But being a feminist today is certainly not about denigrating males. Many actually felt well supported by males and spoke of having really good male role models in their lives.

“We spoke about many of the issues of the day for women; the power imbalance at work, power in politics, the issues involved with domestic violence and other things in that space in the national conversation.

“It was an opportunity to raise awareness and to open the conversation about the role and place of women and everyone felt confident and supported about telling their story,” Ms Falla said.

Ms Falla said, Abbey Fraser, the Tomorrow Woman Facilitator played a key role in encouraging attendees to participate.

She said it was an opportunity to hear from others about their experiences and how they had responded.

Although not claiming to have all the answers, the workshop provided a training ground for women to speak up, to use their voice and to question the ‘rules’ and outdated stereotypes.

Organisers from Hello Business Megan Vuillermin and Gillian Mertens thanked Gippsland Primary Health Network for its support and for the One Good Community Wellbeing Grant to assist with the running of the event which extended free entry to participants.

The numbers who booked to attend certainly indicates there are some important issues to be discussed and a lot of people willing to address them in their lives, at work and in the community.

Andrea Evans-McCall, Centre Manager, Country Universities Centre Bass Coast (left), Alisha Gilliland, Community Wellbeing Officer Bass Coast Shire Council with Gillian Mertens of Hello Business at the Tomorrow Women workshop and dinner in Wonthaggi last week.