Russell Broadbent, our member for Monash, is keen to fatten the pig before the next election.

Russell claims he has “long championed the need for governments to address deficits in the aged care sector”, but he has been in government for the past eight years and his government is not only responsible for the sorry mess of aged care; his government continues to ignore most of the recommendations in the recently completed Royal Commission into Aged Care.

If you are a female member of the Australian workforce, you can continue to expect that you will be facing poverty in retirement because Russell and his Liberal/National Party mates don’t care and have done nothing to improve superannuation outcomes for women.

For our younger generation, not only have Russell and the LNP government failed to develop a plan to achieve targeted emissions and control the future impacts of climate change, they expect you to shoulder most of the irresponsible spending in this budget.

Irresponsible spending includes tax breaks for the rich, subsidies of $51 billion to coal, oil and gas industries and another $600 million to build a gas-fired power station in the Hunter electorate of NSW. There is no proposed investment for a sustainable (carbon-free) energy sector or in new industries and jobs, including clean green steel from Australian iron ore.

Russell and his LNP mates have a few tricks (about $1.2 billion worth) up their sleeves to distract you at the forthcoming federal election. It was sports rorts last time and I wonder what they will dangle in front of you later this year?

Get real, people! And get rid of this sad representative for Monash and his LNP mates.

Edward Minty, North Wonthaggi.