Re: Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan.

Who is responsible for access to Wonthaggi businesses?

Last time I looked there were gridlocked streets as people struggled to access the town’s limited car park spaces.

With an ageing population, people are looking for ease of access – not pretty streetscapes or a long walk lugging shopping to the car.

Customers will choose accessible businesses and avoid the shops on McBride Avenue. The last thing Wonthaggi needs is less car park spaces.

One could say McBride Avenue is already the prettiest street in the CBD with its tulip beds, floral roundabout beds and avenue of mature Norfolk pines.

Maybe Bass Coast planning should concern itself with connecting the new estates to the north and east of the town with a bike path and bridge over the busy Bass Highway to the existing eastern and Bass Coast Rail Trails, allowing for better access for new students and residents to the town and its schools.

David Norton, Wonthaggi.