THERE’S a lifetime of firewood out along roadsides, why not allow people to come and get it.

That was one of the messages from Nationals Leader Peter Walsh when he visited the South Gippsland area on Monday this week and witnessed the damage from last week’s horrific storm.

His first words were of encouragement for anyone impacted by the storm, to take advantage of one of a number of emergency and restoration grants available.

His second message was for the government to work closely with AusNet and the other electricity service providers and contractors to get power fully restore, especially to dairy farmers.

But, once the emergency had passed, the emergency crews had done their work and recovery was in full swing, he urged the government to allow people to come out and get the firewood.

“There’s a huge number of trees on the side of the road and what we’ve said is once the emergency is passed and the emergency service workers have done their job, we’re asking the government to declare a moratorium on collecting firewood on the side of the road,” Mr Walsh said.

“There’s a lifetime supply of firewood for a lot of people and what we are saying is let them come and get it.”
Of course, many have already started cutting and collecting firewood, even more reason to take care on country roads at the moment.