IT COPS a bad rap these days, but Facebook is still good for a lot of things and two of the best are ‘staying in touch’ and ‘catching up’.

And new Canadian Facebooker, Richard Burton, now of Saint Augustine, Florida, used FB for the first time to reach out to old friends he made while on Rotary Exchange in and around Korumburra in 1983-84.

“Hello folks! Back in 1983 I was a Rotary Exchange Student in Korumburra from Canada and my name is Richard Burton. I have many fond memories of my year and the many friends I made along the way.

“I’m reaching out to see if anyone is in the area that may remember me from school or the host families where I stayed. It would be amazing to catch-up with an old school friend or host family member after way too long.

“I’m sure Korumburra has changed over the past 38 years. I’ll retire in a few years and come back to visit where I did my final year of high school. I still have my Rotary Jacket with all the pins from around the area. Now living in Florida, USA. Cheers!”

There were plenty of locals happy to oblige. Many also posted photos so Richard could reminisce, including a classic old picture of the 1984 debutant set in the Bena Hall, by Nadine Smith, complete with the deb set invitation, no less, featuring Gippsland MP Peter McGauran (newly elected in 1983).

Nadine Smith: Hi Richard, yes you were in our deb set. I think you stayed with the Miles family. We had a reunion in March last year it was great to catch up with ones we went to school with.

Glenda Cheney: How lovely Richard that you remember your time here in South Gippsland. Good luck with catching up with your old mates and school friends. Incidentally, which one are you in the above photo?

Richard Burton: I am in the back row, top right on the end. It looks like Lindsay White on the other end. Lindsay came to Canada when I went back from Australia.

Hana Biggs: This was so heart-warming to read. We are all connected somehow!

Fran Bruzzese: Wish I was in Florida right now. good luck with reuniting with old friends.