Stony Creek’s John Phillips tries to spoil a mark from Fish Creek’s Justin Smith. mm132521

FISH Creek has returned to play in a dominant way, taking home the four points against Stony Creek by 82 points.

The clash started as a scrap with neither side able to break it open on the scoreboard.

But Fish Creek were eventually able to split the middle and put 15 points on the board, while keeping the hosts scoreless.

In the second quarter, Fish Creek’s resolute defence remained but they also started to get their offensive game going.

Star on-baller Tom Cameron was getting his hands on the footy and Bailey Harfield-Park and Jordan Shaw were dominating across half-forward.

The Kangaroos kicked four goals in the term while keeping Stony Creek to just one point, giving the visitors a 40-point lead.

Thanks to the hard work from Ben Heath, Rory Harrington and Tom Stone at the start of the third term, Fish Creek couldn’t score as freely as they did in the second.

The Lions continued to resist the Kangaroo attack but eventually they ran out of steam and drilled home another four goals.

At three-quarter time the Lions were still goalless but in the last term Andrew Logan was able to change that.

Unfortunately for the hosts, their goal was answered by another three from Fish Creek and they finished with an emphatic victory.

Stony Creek coach Jay Accardi said the scoreline didn’t tell the full story of the contest.

“We battled hard without a lot of reward but never stopped cracking at the contest,” Accardi said.

Kangaroo coach John Danckert said his team did a great job creating turnovers and was happy with the number of opportunities they got in front of goal.

And he can’t wait to see his side in action against flag favourites Hill End on Saturday.

“We look forward to the big test this week against the top side,” Danckert said.

Stony Creek will also face a difficult opponent when they host Mirboo North.