GENERATORS will be distributed to Victorian households expected to be without power the longest as a result of the devastating storms that have caused widespread damage and flooding in Victoria’s east, the state government announced today.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio today announced the arrival of 200 generators, which she said would be distributed to those most in need in storm-affected areas.

The generators were trucked overnight from Sydney to Victoria thanks to both Bunnings – which donated 100 generators – and the state government, which purchased the remainder.

“Distribution of the eight-kilowatt generators will begin immediately. Eligible households will be directed to contact local family and community service organisation Windemere, who will assess need and prioritise distribution to ensure the generators go to those who need them most,” the government said.

“The generators will give people who want to stay at home enough energy to power the basics like some lights, a microwave and a small heater.

“People who receive the generators will still be able to receive the Victorian government payments, such as the Prolonged Power Outage Payment of $1680 per week.

Volunteers from VICSES and the CFA, as well as Australian Defence Force personnel will help get the generators and accessories to people in need, the government said.

Safety information will be provided by Energy Safe Victoria to all recipients about setting-up, refuelling, and maintenance.

Extensive damage to the electricity network, particularly around Mount Dandenong, is expected to leave around 1500 households to be without power for the next three weeks.

People affected by the storms are also being provided broader support services through Windemere, to ensure their immediate physical and mental needs are met, the government said.