Local MP Danny O’Brien used an old stock photo to snipe at the “renewable energy zones” being developed for Victoria, including Gippsland (‘Answers needed on renewable energy zone: MP’, Wednesday, June 16, page 23).

If one of our many large wind turbines in Gippsland had been knocked over by that unprecedented storm event on June 9-10, he probably would have jumped at the opportunity to stand on the uprooted tower and howl down the reliability of renewable energy.

But, not only is renewable energy cheaper, it is also reliable and it is part of our pathway to a zero-emissions future; and our only safe pathway.

Unfortunately, the coal-fired power generators at Yallourn were compromised by that storm event with three out of four shutting down.

There is also an ongoing risk that the entire mine will be flooded by a failure in the diversion structure of the Morwell River, a tributary of the Latrobe River.

Danny, you don’t just represent a few disgruntled, over-privileged landowners in South Gippsland, you represent the whole community. What does this community need to lead us towards a secure future? Jobs and zero-emissions!

Danny, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Ted Minty, North Wonthaggi.