By Sam Watson

KING Joma is now open for business in Wonthaggi.

Now in its second year of operation, the activewear business run by Santo Joma and his partner Megan Ryan moved from their store in Cape Paterson to the Plaza Arcade in Wonthaggi.

Santo first came up with the idea to start an activewear label five years ago.

“I was doing little bits and pieces and I was selling some to my close friends,” Santo said.

“It was just a little hobby and then my friends told me I should really have a crack at it.”

Creating products that are affordable but also suitable for all active occasions inspired Santo to turn his hobby into something real.

“If you get into an active lifestyle, you can spend a lot of money on clothes,” Santo said.

“So, I’m just trying to show people that you don’t have to spend so much and get real, good quality stuff.”

In the men’s side of things, Santo only sells things that he and his younger brother Charles, who is a state champion boxer, enjoy training in.

But he has a wide range of items for both genders, and he’s had plenty of satisfied customers since opening.

“So far it’s fantastic,” Santo said.

“A lot of the things I’m selling here, no one else in Wonthaggi or this area, is selling.”

And that’s another reason behind Santo wanting to open a store in the Bass Coast – there aren’t many around.

He also said opening a store was crucial because so many people had issues with buying activewear online.

“If you like light material and things that are a bit more fitted and give a bit more shape, come in and try it out.”

Every day, week and year, Santo ticks off goals he has set for the business and he’s got some big things in mind in the coming years.

“Looking down the track I’d like to have my own manufacturer and get my stuff made locally.

“It’d be good to get a couple of stores going, bring out some fantastic products for people and keep adventuring and trying new materials.”

And Santo urged anyone that wants to start a business like him to go for it.

“If anyone out there has an idea, go for it, listen to your heart, don’t worry about everything else around you.”

You can find the new King Joma activewear store at 140 Graham Street, Wonthaggi in the Plaza Arcade.

The activewear and other accessories are also available at