THE Mirboo North community will take a special interest in this week’s Victorian Rural Health Awards with local GP Dr Sonya Moncrieff named as a finalist in one of the categories.

“I am very excited to announce I am a finalist for Victorian Rural General Practitioner of the year. This, of course, is such an honour and I look forward to the (online) ceremony… Thursday, [June 10] to be in the company of the best doctors in Victoria,” Dr Moncrieff told followers of the Mirboo North Medical Centre on Facebook.

“Without my community, this award would not have happened, as I always strive to provide the best medical care possible to every one of my patients, to keep my skill level at a high standard, and teach and instruct younger doctors and share my passion for rural General Practice. My team at the Mirboo North Clinic is so important to me, they make my life so much easier, and fun, thank you.”

Dr Moncrieff has gained an online following for her posts about COVID-19 numbers and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

The online ceremony starts at 6.30pm on Thursday and registration is free. For more information, visit