By Sam Watson

MYPHYSIO Spinal and Sports Injury Clinic in Wonthaggi has built a reputation as one of the best places to get treatment locally, but it’s a new physio who’s getting plenty of attention.

Nidhi Choudhary arrived in Australia from India in December and locals have been loving the treatment she’s providing ever since.

Since finishing her studies in 2003, Nidhi has been in practice all over India, from Delhi to Bangalore, but she’s always wanted to work in one place – Australia.

Nidhi has always considered Australia the mecca for physiotherapists, but when she finished her studies, family responsibilities took over, so she never got the chance to move here.

As a youngster she used to always watch the cricket with her father and whenever her home country was playing Australia, she’d dream of moving down under.

Her husband Bhavya and eight-year-old daughter Ehana are both fond of travelling so the time was right to come to Australia.

“We’re very happy to be here,” Nidhi said.

Nidhi was very anxious to start at MyPhysio, but she said everyone had been extremely welcoming and caring from day one.

“I haven’t felt out of place as an outsider at all.”

And her patients are loving every minute with her.

“I think they all love me, that’s what they tell me,” Nidhi said.

“I’ve got a lot of bookings and people always rebook, so far it’s going good.”

“They are all very lovely.”

Nidhi said it’s the passion she has for her work that makes her a good physiotherapist.

And she’s loving the challenge of treating a wide variety of people.

“I get to see 10-year-olds and 90-year-olds, so it’s different and challenging every day, that’s what I love.”

But the way she’s treating her patients is quite different to what she did in India.

“In India we are more focused on the equipment, here people want more hands-on, that’s the major difference,” Nidhi said.

“I think 99 per cent of the time we are doing hands-on treatment, I learnt a lot of techniques in India which I’m not able to use in hands-on.”

And making that adjustment has been a lot easier with the support of the other four physios at the clinic.

“They were very supportive in the beginning and they’re very supportive now,” Nidhi said.

“They guide me how we have to go with the line of treatment.”

Two of those physios are owners Saurabh and Priyanka Gupta who Nidhi has loved working with.

Nidhi and her family are loving their time living in Wonthaggi and her patients won’t have to worry about her leaving any time soon.

“I’m here to stay, I think I’ll be here a long time.

“I have been living in cities all my life, so I think Wonthaggi is a beautiful place.”

To book Nidhi or her co-workers, or to find more information about the clinic head to or call 5632 3804.