FORGET the health aspects of COVID-19 for the moment if you can, and just concentrate on the disruption it causes to our lives, to confidence and to business.

Yes sure, we can afford a little sigh of relief as we see Sydney in particular, but also the other states as well, fighting off the latest outbreak.

Been there, done that.

We’ve copped our fair share of it and we’re not out of the woods yet.

But, just for the moment, forget about what might happen if you or your family was affected badly by coronavirus. The fact is we are going to have to deal with football seasons being cancelled, shops being shut, holidays being cancelled, visits to family members being delayed; weddings, funerals, anything in uproar until we all get vaccinated.

And don’t wait for the Pfizer. Take the AstraZeneca now if you’re eligible because sure as eggs, this thing is going to go on for quite some time yet, and we’ll all be lining up for our second, third and fourth booster shots of whatever the latest vaccine is in the months to come.

It was the same deal with Smallpox. You couldn’t go overseas unless you were inoculated and had your little book stamped.

So, get the jab and help to get Australia’s vaccination levels up to those we are seeing in Germany, the USA and other countries where they will soon be achieving herd immunity levels.

Yes, we’ve been let down by the government in not supplying enough of the Pfizer or another one suitable for general use, but they hoped the locally manufactured AstraZeneca would do the job which was a fair call at the time.

Just get vaccinated if and when you can… and maybe we can all get on with our lives, albeit in a new COVID world.