The nine sitting Bass Coast councillors are asked to make a decision on accepting the proposal on the Bass Coast Aquatic Leisure Centre Redevelopment Feasibility Study, which will have a great impact on the total Bass Coast community, the question is are the nine councillors up to the task?

The proposal consists of two elements a replacement pool for Wonthaggi and a new pool on Phillip Island.

As Wonthaggi already has an operating pool, which was reviewed by JWC Engineers consultants in March 2018 who state it has a lifespan of another 10 years, it seems logical that if one centre is to be built, then Phillip Island should be the preferred site for the next pool in the Bass Coast Shire. But logic is not part of the Bass Coast Council or its councillors.

Listening and viewing the virtual council meeting of May 19 in regards to item H3 on the council agenda, the Bass Coast Aquatic Leisure Centre, I concur in principle with the majority of the councillors’ comments but note Cr L Laing, her final comments that the Wonthaggi pool is leaking its guts out and Cr L Larke that Bass Coast could only support one aquatic centre.

I would like to correct Cr L Laing that the Wonthaggi pool is not leaking its guts out. I refer her to council question time on June 16 when a question from Mr G Jolly asked was the Wonthaggi pool leaking, the response from the CEO: no.

Each councillor should ask themselves the following questions.
• Which area do I represent?
• What does my constituency want?
• Can we at present commit our ratepayers to a $100m project for two new aquatic leisure centres, neither being a 50m pool that could hold swimming competition.

Phillip Island has produced many excellent swimmers, in fact, we have one home grown swimmer who is representing Australia at the Tokyo Olympics this year.
It has been difficult to allow our champions the ability to train for their chosen endeavour without travelling great distances to train in appropriate centres.

John Trigt, Surf Beach.