I refer to the letter, ‘Shire election concerns’ by Jim Fawcett, Your Say column, 8th June.

It is disappointing that Jim Fawcett, former South Gippsland Shire Mayor and Councillor, has bagged the sacked council, in particular Don Hill and Andrew McEwen, who were serving as Mayor and Councillor at the time, and keeps up the animosity that caused the sacking of the Council and the appointment of administrators.

Mr Fawcett got back into the council on the number of votes he received when running again in the last elections after a sitting councillor resigned.

Mr Fawcett himself then resigned with other councillor cohorts to destabilise the Council and bring on the sacking.

I implore South Gippsland ratepayers not to be swayed by his acrimonious comments and to make their own decisions on voting in the new Council elections coming up later this year.

Barry Gilbert, Walkerville.