High tides have taken their toll at Inverloch’s Rotary Park.

EROSION is eating into Inverloch’s popular Rotary Park and the service club is concerned.

Rotarian Tilly Hutton said recent high tides along with storms had significantly eroded the foreshore at Rotary Park on the Esplanade, south of Pymble Avenue.

“Inverloch residents are staggered at the large loss of parkland amenity with significant loss of recreational grassland,” she wrote on Facebook.

Ms Hutton also shared photos of the well-used picnic table and seats close to disappearing into the sea and “the potentially dangerous and precarious edge of grassland and the drop to the beach below, in excess of one metre”.

“There is a complete lack of safety signage or barrier to prevent mishap by unsuspecting users of the park. Of further concern is that if action is not urgently taken to prevent further erosion, the popular shelter and barbecues will be lost.

“It is now of critical importance and needs to be addressed urgently.”

The Rotary Club of Inverloch has expended much time, effort and funding over the years to provide this highly used community resource and we express concern that this valuable resource will be lost to the community and visitors.”

Inverloch resident Kevin Griffin shared a screenshot of Bass Coast Shire Council’s response to his report via the Snap Send Solve app.

“I can confirm that council staff are monitoring the rate of erosion at this location and taking regular recordings. Council can allocate funds from its Renewal Program to construct a new seawall in the area if required. Council is also able to undertake intermediate protection works should the need arise,” the response read.