It looks likely that sacked former councillors of South Gippsland Shire Council may seek re-election in October this year. This is something that should concern all residents in the shire.

Readers will recall that our Council was dismissed following reports by a monitor and then a commission of enquiry finding that bad behaviour had led to a dysfunctional Council resulting in the resignation of six councillors.

The practical leaders of that sacked Council, then councillors D Hill and A McEwen deserve special mention. Former Mayor Hill has been described by our local state member as “Comical Ali” for his refusal to acknowledge any inappropriate behaviour by himself and others. Instead he claims to have seen nothing while blaming everyone else.

Former Cr McEwen confessed to misusing his position while a councillor. He misled the community by protesting his innocence only to plead guilty at court, while he participated in a public begging campaign seeking donations to fund his own legal costs.

Neither of these gentlemen or their cronies deserve your support should they decide to stand. We deserve a council free from the dysfunctions of the past. This is more likely to occur if the previous combatants take their bats and stay home.

Others may have more to say as the election approaches.

Jim Fawcett, former Cr and Mayor SGSC.