By Sam Watson

TWO local business owners will be hosting an online auction tonight (Friday, June 11) to raise funds for local small businesses hit hard by the lockdown.

Jess Harle from Train with Jess Harle and Emma Robertson from Rainbow Souls collaborated on the project and want to give back to the community.

Over $1600 has already been raised on the GoFundMe page but they are hoping to finish off with at least $5000.

They aim to choose five local businesses and give them the cash injection they may be in desperate need of.

Jess said she got the inspiration for the event after meditating last Saturday morning.

“I had a strong desire to help those in need; that’s how this started,” Jess said.

“Emma and I are all about collaborating to make an impact and a difference.”

And if you do decide to donate before the auction, you can receive a raft of gifts from the duo, which includes: $20 – One card reading, $40 – Email card reading, $100 – Box of assorted products, $150 – Business coaching session, $500 – Keynote speaker for an event in 2021, $1000 – 12 life coaching sessions, $3500 – A year’s supply of social media content for your business.

The auction, which will be held at 8pm tonight, will include two Parma Night meals for the Inlet Hotel in Inverloch, 2X Airbnb nights away in July, 2X Pieces of jewellery, six months of social media content for a business, and many more.

The GoFundMe page can be found here.

And the auction event can be found on Facebook.