ON JUNE 12, Bass Coast Climate Action Network hosted a successful ‘Cosy Homes’ day at Bass Coast Adult Learning Centre in Wonthaggi.

Event co-convenor Jessica Harrison said: “As we begin winter, we are offering practical help to make homes warm and cosy. Our event allowed local residents with pension cards to apply for their ‘Power Saving Bonus’, a $250 state government grant.

“We will give householders a free ‘Cosy Homes Check’ – advice about how to keep their home warm, and then help to make low-cost improvements.”

“Free gifts on the day were LED lights, draught stoppers and warm crocheted rugs,” said co-convenor Aileen Vening.

“Bass Coast landlords can install Heat Pump hot water systems in their properties, at no charge, using a current state government scheme. This will greatly reduce electricity bills for their tenants,” said Jessica.

“The recent storm shows the climate emergency we are facing. Climate activism isn’t all about expensive energy efficient homes or fancy hybrid cars. We want local people who can least afford it, to pay less for energy, which will reduce our net carbon emissions,” said Aileen.

Wonthaggi Neighbourhood Centre will be helping eligible local residents to apply for their Power Saving Bonuses. Contact the Wonthaggi Neighbourhood Centre on 5672 3731 to arrange an appointment.

Would you like to make a difference? BCCAN is asking for volunteers to train to do Cosy Homes checks. Email BassCoastCAN@gmail.com for details.

“We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out at their event, and the Wonthaggi Club which donated sandwiches for lunch,” said Jessica and Aileen.