THERE is so much that’s political about Australia’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, too much.

And it’s costing us ‘the punters’ very dearly.

For one, you’re not even allowed to say that while there have been 910 deaths from coronavirus in Australia, 820 of them happened in Victoria, as against 54 in NSW, including 28 associated with the Ruby Princess debacle, despite the fact NSW has had triple the number of overseas arrivals in quarantine.

Face it! We’re just crap at running the hotel quarantine system, and with delays rolling out QR codes and the rest of the tracing regime other states have handled effectively, NSW in particular, we pull the lockdown ripcord every time someone farts.

No schools, no crowds at community sport, no gyms, no dance schools, no haircuts, and what’s worse, the fear factor re-emerges especially for the old and frail.

Supporters of Daniel Andrews will say we’ve had a lot of bad luck here in the great state of Victoria, that the Commonwealth is responsible for aged care or that they’ve been slow rolling out the vaccine.

But look at the numbers, folks. Why has NSW had 54 deaths, and we’ve had 820?

And by world standards, even those numbers are incredibly low. Certainly, the lack of fatalities associated with the latest outbreak in Victoria is a good indication that “we’ve got this”. The willingness of people to embrace face masks, good hygiene and social distancing, and finally with QR codes etc in place… we don’t need any more lockdowns.

It’s simply bloody-minded, risk aversion by Victoria at this stage. No more!

Mind you, the Federal Government has really let us down with the supply of vaccine, especially the Pfizer, to the point that the Victorian Government is having to turn people away, that want to get their dose, for lack of supplies.

Come on Sco-mo, come on Greg! That’s not good enough. Our return to safe COVID normal is being held up by you now. What’s the plan?

On the subject of our storm disaster here in South Gippsland, it’s a great credit to all of us, helping our neighbours, staying safe and the efforts of the emergency services, that we’ve survived with one tragic death at Woodside. Could have been far worse. One clear message that comes out of it is that our telecommunications aren’t robust enough.