AUSNET estimates power may not be restored throughout the region until Sunday, June 13, as almost a third of its network has been impacted by the intense storm.

An updated estimate is expected by tomorrow afternoon for when power will return, however, it may take several days before it’s restored to all Victorians.

An Ausnet spokesperson said the damage was the most the service had ever had to deal with.

“We are still trying to work out how bad the damage is,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s extensive and stretches all the way from Phillip Island to Wilsons Prom, all the way up through the Yarra Ranges and into the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

“We are hopeful that once we’ve assessed how bad the damage is, we will be able to get people back on sooner.”

Power has been restored to 30,000 customers, with up to 200,000 homes and businesses still off supply.

Updates are available at

Report power faults and fallen lines/poles to 13 17 99, but please be patient with teams as they handle extremely high call volumes.

Stay away from flood waters and fallen power lines, assume any wires are live.

You can travel to another location if it’s unsafe to stay at home. Follow DHHS guidelines.