WEST Gippsland Ploughing Association managed to run its first Silver Share contest since 2019 recently.

The ploughmen were happy to dust off the ploughs and then get them dirty as they worked on creating the best furrows in the paddock.

Day one was a practice day and then the competition was on Sunday, May 9 in Poowong North.

The paddock had not been ploughed for many years, so created a challenge with some interesting tree roots and logs among the sods of dirt.

There are many different aspects on which they are judged and the contest is time limited.

The results were conventional winner Adrian Tilling (Poowong), runner-up Scott Loughridge (Poowong), vintage winner John Touzel (Korumburra) and runner-up Ian McFee (Rhyll).

Chapman Machinery and R.E.N. Machinery generously donated the trophies.