Cape Paterson to Inverloch section of the Yallock-Bulluk walking and cycling trail.

I attended the recent ‘community engagement session’ at Inverloch Hub on April 23. I and many who attended believed they were being consulted.

Not so, we were being ‘informed’ of the proposed route of a section of the trail in South Gippsland. We were told very little except the path of the proposed route, and that no other route options would be considered. It was to be an inland route connecting Wonthaggi and Inverloch. The position of Parks Victoria has been confirmed to me since.

There remain unanswered questions:

Have there been estimates of the expected usage of the bike path – for instance by examining usage on similar bike paths, e.g., San Remo-Kilcunda or elsewhere in Victoria? If so, what are the results?

Have any other options for the path been considered or evaluated? Many people in Inverloch and Cape Paterson want a route that connects the two communities.

How much will the proposed inland route cost, and who will pay for it?

Has there been a cost-benefit analysis of the Yallock-Bullock trail? If so, what were its results?

Since the proposed path between Wonthaggi and Inverloch essentially cuts off Cape Paterson from the proposed path, has the provision of a proper bike path link between Cape Paterson and Wonthaggi been considered so that Cape Paterson residents can safely reach the new path by bike? On a 100km speed limit road the existing path is unsafe. It is no more than a poorly maintained hard shoulder for the road.

I suspect that the whole idea of the South Gippsland section of the route has not been systematically assessed at all. The route, which was decided opportunistically, may appeal to a few long-distance cyclists but it will be little used by people from either Inverloch or Wonthaggi, two large and growing communities.

Nicholas Low, Cape Paterson.