By Sam Watson

THIS weekend, the TAC is teaming up with AFL Victoria for Road Safety Round.

Players across the state will be wearing a new blue armband, one that symbolises a commitment to eliminating death and serious injuries on our roads.

The TAC’s Band Together initiative aims to remind everyone that we all have someone to drive safely for.

One club that will be putting extra emphasis on spreading the road safety message over the weekend is Dalyston.

President Andy Thomas said the occasion means a tremendous amount to everyone at his club.

“We’ve been affected by the road toll over the last five or six years,” Thomas said.

“It just cuts through your club and it’s such a sad waste of life and it affects your players, it affects families.

“It just needs that little bit more care taken and understanding from everyone about how you’ve got to be diligent on the roads.”

Thomas said all footy and netball clubs have a responsibility to spread the road safety message.

“With young guys and girls driving around everywhere, they haven’t got the experience of a lot of the older ones, so it’s so important to be careful out there.

“We want all the sports clubs across Victoria to understand how important it is and to get the message across.”

With a son and daughter of his own who are still on a probationary licence, he understands exactly what parent’s feel when their kids are out on the roads.

And he said pushing the message at a community level is a smart idea.

“Rather than enormous ads on the tele, grassroots is where you want to make the most impact, that’s the important one.

“Our clubs been affected too many times over the years, and we don’t want that to happen again.

“It’s a really difficult time to go through as a club, and we’ve learnt the hard way.”

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