The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Severe Weather Warning for the South West and parts of Central, East Gippsland, North Central, North East, West and South Gippsland.

This warning is for damaging winds, averaging 50km/h to 60km/h with peak gusts of around 90km/h are forecast to continue across the warning area from the west from Saturday through to Sunday.

During Saturday, winds have gusted to 70km/h on Wilsons Prom and to 50km/h at Pound Creek. Little rain was recorded during the day until Saturday night when fronts started to sweep through, and temperatures dropped below 10 degrees.

The bureau expects wind gusts may reach 100km/h across elevated parts of eastern Victoria and across the peaks of the Grampians.

This will impact Central parts including Melbourne.

“Significant risk of trees falling without warning, due to the existing soil moisture and threat of overhanging trees caused by the recent severe weather event,” according to a statement by Emergency Victoria.

VICSES is planning for the increase in severe weather conditions and the impacts it may bring.

“Be aware of potential hazards caused by the severe weather. Hazards include trees down, high tides, debris and building damage.”

What you should do:

* Avoid wind gusts before and during the storm. Go inside and close your windows and doors before and during the storm.

* Stay inside if conditions outside appear dangerous.

* Park your car undercover and away from trees.

* Contact family members and neighbours to ensure they are aware of the situation, if safe to do so.

* When preparing your property, ensure you take appropriate safety precautions and do so well before the severe weather arrives.

If you are driving:

* If driving conditions are dangerous, safely pull over away from trees, drains, low lying areas and floodwater.

* Be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris and damaged roads or bridges.

* For road closure information, check the VicTraffic website, contact your local council or call VicRoads (13 11 70).

You should stay informed by listening to emergency broadcasters and monitoring warnings.

Call Triple Zero (000) in a life-threatening emergency. For severe weather-related emergency assistance from the SES, phone 132 500.

The potential impacts of severe weather in your area include:

* Building damage.

* Fallen power lines.

* Fallen trees and branches.

* Broken windows.

* Damage to vehicles.

* Dangerous road conditions.

This message was issued by State Emergency Service.

The next update is expected by 25/07/2021 at 08:00 am or as the situation changes.

For storm warnings and information, phone the Bureau of Metereology on 1300 659 217 or go to