FORMER Korumburra and South Gippsland Councillor Bob Newton isn’t one to dwell on the past, not in the sense of pointing the finger of blame anyway.

However, while researching the history of the district’s road names and places, he’s been frustrated at every turn by the fact that many of the Shire of Woorayl and Shire of Korumburra records have been lost.

“I’ve looked up heaps of shire records, but a lot of the Shire of Woorayl records just weren’t kept, they’re gone, unfortunately.

“Korumburra’s stuff got thrown out too. Once the Korumburra Shire finished, that was it. They just chucked a lot of it out. It’s completely crazy what happened to the records.

“They gave some of it to the historical societies but a lot of it’s just gone. But you can’t do anything about it now.”

Simple things, like how Naiomi Court in Inverloch got its name, should be easy to find in the old Woorayl Shire records, especially after councillors of the day poured over their name selections at meetings back in the day… but no.

The origins of Naiomi Court’s name is, to date, lost in time as are dozens of others Bob needs to complete his latest historical work – ‘Leongatha and District Road Names and Places

History’ which will include the roads and place names in the Woorayl Shire as well.

“I’m missing details on about 35 roads, as well as 16 in Venus Bay but I don’t think I’ll get all of those.”

Bob provided a list of some of those he needs.

In Inverloch: Bell’s Court, Claire Court, Fairfax Court, Giardini Court, Mandy Court, McGregor Court, McIntosh Street, Miriam Court, Munro Court, Naiomi Court, Park Street, Pymble Avenue, Ryley Street, Sylvia Street, Tamarama Close and Tamara Crescent.

In Leongatha: Colis Road, Eden’s Crescent, Jenkins Lane, Marion Court, Milne Street, Walsh Court and Warralong Court.

Others: Dowds Road, Tarwin; Duncan’s Road, Fish Creek; Taylor Court, Waratah Bay; and Walters Street, Buffalo.

There are others but information on any of these street names will go a long way to helping Bob finish his latest history book.

“I’ve asked Terry Hall (former Inverloch councillor and Woorayl Shire president) and the historical society but they don’t know,” said Bob.

After he finishes the Woorayl Shire road and place names book, he’ll move on to one for ‘Foster and District’ to include all of the old South Gippsland Shire.

In between, there’ll also be a 100-year history of the Finley Golf Club to be written by September 2021, after the success of his history book on the Korumburra Golf Club, and others.

Bob’s efforts in trying to capture some of the district’s history haven’t gone unnoticed and later this month he will be presented with an important Gippsland Regional History Award, specifically for ‘Korumburra and District Road Names and Places History’ but with more to follow in that line.

“If we don’t do it now, it will be lost forever,” said Bob this week.

If you can help with some details, email Bob Newton at