Your recent article on a submission to the council seeking funding for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study begs a number of questions.

The article states a comprehensive solution (unsure what that means) would be in the order of $260k-$770k. With additional council staff costs, and the usual blowouts in government projects, half a million to a million dollars may be realistic.

My internet search says Victoria has 7000 electric vehicles. The many drawbacks, issues and now environmental concerns put in doubt any expected growth in EV numbers.

Should the few owners of electric vehicles wish to visit South Gippsland’s tourist attractions, and not have the range, they could recharge where they are staying or visiting or at friends or some other option rather than a rarely needed purpose-built facility.

On the question of possible state government taxpayer contributions, no doubt SGSC ratepayers would be liable for considerable establishment costs and probably the ongoing costs to supply (free) energy to the few who can afford these electric vehicles.

Steve Finlay, Leongatha.