SAN Remo CFA volunteers were proud to raise $1479 and test their fitness levels achieving 19,908 push-ups as part of this year’s Push-Up Challenge.

The challenge ran from June 1-25, and participants were encouraged to complete 3318 push-ups, representing the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2019.

“Although we didn’t make our goal of $4000, our main priority was to raise awareness of mental health and its impact on the community,” San Remo CFA media liaison Sarah Fry said.

“The challenge for me initially started as something to do going into lockdown.”

Ms Fry said each day there was a set number of push-ups to complete.

“Alongside the target were facts to further explain the importance of our mental health,” she said.

“Most days the target was well over 100 push-ups, with the biggest day set at 220.

“This tested me mentally and physically in week one.

“By week two, I found myself getting excited to see the day’s target and getting my mindset into a positive ‘can do’ attitude.”

Ms Fry said as many CFA members are called to deaths by suicide, the brigade felt it was important to be involved in the challenge.

“Those people are family, friends, first responders and healthcare staff,” she said.

“Being able to participate in creating further awareness of mental health and the importance of seeking help is something we should all strive for. We all should take the time to check in with our friends, family and colleagues and really listen to how they are feeling.”

Funds from this year’s challenge will help support The Push for Better Foundation, headspace and Lifeline.

If you need support, talk to a GP or health professional. Support services include SANE Australia on 1800 18 SANE (7263) or, Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36 or and Lifeline on 13 11 14 or