Fish Creek’s Travis Manne rose high to pick off this kick against Newborough.

By Sam Watson

FISH Creek has secured their spot in the Mid Gippsland finals with a huge win over Newborough on Saturday.

It didn’t take long for the Kangaroos to get amongst the action in the fog at Fish Creek, booting five goals in the first quarter.

Poor kicking for goal meant that the Bulldogs were just 28 points down at quarter time, but in the second quarter the Kangaroos straightened right up.

They added another five goals, this time only letting one shot go through for a minor score.

Goal kicking star Brady Mitchell was flourishing with the service he was receiving from some famous Fish Creek names.

Ethan Park and Gus Staley were both back to their best, winning plenty of ball in the middle and lacing out targets.

Willem Voorham and Anthony Stucki were tearing it up on either wing and they helped the hosts to a 48-point half time lead.

In the third quarter the Kangaroos continued to put their foot on the throttle, adding four more goals to secure a 69-point lead.

But the struggling Bulldogs refused to give up and their playing coach Peter Ainsworth tried to put them on his back.

His best efforts were enough for them to add one more goal in the final term, but Fish Creek kept coming and they eventually won by 93 points.

Fish Creek coach John Danckert said he was happy with his side’s efforts after half time.

“I thought we were a bit flat coming off a bye, Newborough played a physical style which our guys enjoyed,” Danckert said.

“I was particularly impressed with our second half and the way we ran the game out.”

On Saturday Fish Creek will head to Yinnar for a match with big finals ramifications and Newborough will be hoping for their third win of the year when they face Stony Creek.