Michael Lorenz principal of Michael’s IGA has always been a strong supporter of the Korumburra community and now he has committed to the development of a new full-service supermarket in the town.


THE community of Korumburra has warmly welcomed news today, Friday, July 2, that Michael’s Super IGA is going ahead and, finally, building a new full-service supermarket in town.

The multi-million-dollar development will be built on the central Commercial Street-King Street site which was earmarked for the project four years ago.

“It’s absolutely fabulous,” said Korumburra Business Association President Noelene Cosson.

“I had faith that they would ultimately go ahead and build a new supermarket and it’s great to see that it is finally going to come to fruition.

“As a community, we also won’t need to be looking for a temporary location for the library. We will simply be able to move across to the hub when it is ready, and the supermarket can then go ahead.

“Korumburra has been crying out for a full-service supermarket and it’s coming at a time of great progress in the town, with strong building activity, the development of our infrastructure including the rail trail, the streetscape redevelopment and all the rest.

“It’s great news,” Mrs Cosson said.

On social media, interested people were quick to show support:

* Beck Pierce: Good news! Super IGA’s can be amazing – like Castlemaine, Mt Eliza and Creswick.

* Linda Ryan: Yay! Can’t wait and extra jobs for locals.

* Darren Harris: Finally! Great news for Korrumburra!

* Nadine Smith: Great news should never have taken 4 years.

And some advice too.

* Michael Austin: Now you just need to move the V/line coach stop.

Shire announcement

Land Secured for Korumburra Supermarket: A new supermarket for Korumburra is one step closer following the signing of a contract of sale between South Gippsland Shire Council and Michael Lorenz from Korriga Property Pty Ltd, who operate Michael’s IGA supermarkets.

The sale of 155-165 Commercial Street, 1 King Street and 28 Victoria Street to Korriga Property will enable the redevelopment of the site where the Korumburra Library is currently located into a new full-line supermarket.

Plans are already in place to move the library into the new Korumburra ‘Hub’ development that will be commencing soon in Little Commercial Street.

The site was nominated as Council’s preferred site for a supermarket complex in the Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan, following extensive community consultation.

The green light for the sale of the council-owned land was given in August 2017, but the sale did not proceed at that time. Agreement has now been reached by both parties, and the development can proceed as planned.

A planning permit for the supermarket development was previously approved by Council and remains valid.

South Gippsland Shire Council Chair Administrator, Julie Eisenbise, was delighted.

“A new, modern supermarket in Korumburra will be a great asset for the local community. The new site is substantially larger than the current premises and will allow for a greater range of products. We also expect that there will be economic benefits for the South Gippsland region both during and after construction. We are pleased that the land sales are proceeding and can’t wait to see the end result.”

Administrators’ Message

Ms Eisenbise and her colleagues Christian Zahra and Rick Brown continued in their Administrators’ Message this week:

“It was great to hear news this week that Bendigo Bank have reversed their decision to close their Korumburra branch. We would like to extend our thanks to the Korumburra Round Table and Korumburra Business Association who worked with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to keep the branch in town. The entire Korumburra community also deserves our thanks. If you didn’t rally behind your local branch, the decision may not have been reversed.

“In another win for Korumburra, Council signed a contract of sale with Michael Lorenz from Korriga Property Pty Ltd who operate Michael’s IGA supermarkets. This will mean a new supermarket for Korumburra.

The sale includes 155-165 Commercial Street, 1 King Street and 28 Victoria Street which is currently the Korumburra Library site, but will become a new full-line supermarket. This site was nominated by Council as the preferred site for a supermarket complex in the Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan, following extensive community consultation.

“Both the new supermarket and the Bendigo branch staying are great outcomes for Korumburra. They are great examples of how Council and the community can work together to bring projects to fruition.”

It is not known what will happen to the old Michaels IGA Supermarket in Korumburra.