BORN on July 18, 1921, at Clydebank in Glasgow, Scotland, Janet Mansfield celebrated her 100th birthday this past weekend in Mirboo North.

After her father fought in Gallipoli with the Royal Marines, the living conditions in Clydebank had worsened.

Her parents also faced other challenges while living in Glasgow as her father was Catholic and her mother Methodist.

Interfaith marriages were rare in 1921 and couples were often discriminated against.

After emigrating and arriving in Australia at the age of two, Janet lived a full life, becoming a qualified Nursing Sister in 1943 and working for the Bush Nursing Association.

She married her husband Leonard Mansfield in 1947 at the Yallourn Methodist Church.

Now, 100, Janet resides in Mirboo North.

She is a mother of three, a grandmother of 11 and a great grandmother of 15 and counting.

Due to Victoria’s five-day snap lockdown, Janet’s family held a Zoom birthday party to celebrate her 100th birthday.

“We probably had about half the family was on Zoom yesterday, and I think it might have been the first time she’d ever done something like that,” Janet’s granddaughter, Tracey Swadling said.

Janet’s family watched as she opened her letters from the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the Governor of Victoria, the Premier of Victoria and local MPs.

“The two letters that excited her the most were the Queen and the local Members of South Gippsland. She’s been waiting for her card from the Queen for years,” said Tracey.

Janet’s nursing home has happy hour on Fridays, and Janet decided to join in on the special occasion.

“She had a coke on her birthday, which I think would probably be one of the few times she had something like that,” Tracey said.

Janet attributes her long, healthy and happy life to never drinking alcohol or smoking.

Her only vices are lollies, chocolate and her loving and close family.