IT’S quite incredible really! It’s OK to promise that a community, a little community at that, will raise $1 million towards a $5.7 million pool project.

But it’s quite another thing for a local committee, the Friends of the Mirboo North Pool, to take on such a commitment and deliver in full.

In fact, just as the water is being poured into the brand-spanking new, blue pool, the ‘Friends’ are able to announce that their community appeal has topped the $1 million mark, reaching $1,040,000 according to secretary, Jodie Pincini, enough to replace the barbecues and maybe do a few other things.

“It’s overwhelming really, the support we’ve received, but it’s an indication of how much the people value the pool, not just as a place to swim but somewhere to come and meet their friends and just enjoy the wonderful place that it is.

“It’s especially good for teenagers and families.

“And it’s pretty exciting seeing the water go in and not just a test run. The water will stay in there now and with the solar heating and higher water temperature, it’s an indication that we’ll get a five-month season here, adding November at one end and a month at the other end of summer.

“And with the water park, there’s the added attraction that the kids can play there on days where the sun’s out, but it might be a bit cooler.”

The opening of the open will not go without fanfare with the Friends planning a big pool party for the whole community later in October.

“Our higher daily attendance numbers were over the 1000 mark and we would expect to get strong numbers right through the season now, not just people from Mirboo North but from other parts of South Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley as well.”

Mrs Pincini said the pool hadn’t been officially handed over by the shire but that formal part of the project wasn’t far away.

From the shire: “The redevelopment of the Mirboo North pool is a large capital works project that will secure the future of a community asset that has been used and loved by local residents since 1904. It is expected that the new facility will be able to meet the needs of the community for another 50 plus years.

A total of $5.73 million was allocated to the project. In an amazing effort, the Mirboo North Community raised $1 million to support the project. The federal government contributed $600,000 and the Victorian government $190,000. Council will fund the remaining project cost.”