By Sam Watson

ANOTHER round of local footy and netball has been lost to a state lockdown and leagues are still considering how they will make up for the lost game.

AFL Gippsland told the Sentinel-Times multiple suggestions have been made and they are considering all of them, but there is no official word yet.

It’s understood all clubs and leagues are waiting until they know exactly when and how the lockdown will end, before locking anything in.

Many are still worried the lockdown, scheduled to end on Tuesday, will last longer than proposed, possibly resulting in two rounds of play being missed.

The West Gippsland Football Netball Competition will again face uncertain times, with half the clubs residing in greater Melbourne.

If the state government eases restrictions for regional Victoria, but not greater Melbourne, there will be more headaches for the league board.

And other leagues like Mid Gippsland and the Gippsland League also have a high percentage of players coming from Melbourne, so they will be impacted significantly.

Some clubs have called for this weekend’s games to be abandoned all together, but clubs who will miss out on a home game will suffer a significant financial hit.

When the Mid Gippsland league revised their draw after the previous lockdown, they had the foresight to schedule a bye in between their lost home and away round and the first round of finals.

If they miss just one week, it’s highly likely they’ll use that bye round to make up for this week’s games.

With just two rounds left in the Mid Gippsland League, clubs vying for finals positions will be desperate to get both games in.

The final decision on how each league will make up for lost time will likely come after the weekend, as there will be more clarity on where the lockdown stands.