Another photo opportunity for Danny O’Brien standing in front of storm-ravaged infrastructure in last week’s SGST newspaper.

Danny wants a review of the regulatory framework affecting companies like AusNet Services which own much of our power distribution network.

The regulations covering the operation of AusNet Services are a licence to print money, which was given to them by a previous conservative Victorian government when they sold off our energy industry and all of its infrastructure.

AusNet Services is 30 per cent owned by the Singapore government and 20 per cent owned by the Chinese government and that’s where your service charges are going.

People in rural Victorian communities which are vulnerable to catastrophic storm and fire events would be better served with independent Mini-Grids running off renewable energy. It’s already happening in Victorian communities like Yackandandah.

Mini-Grids can empower small local communities and regain control of their electrical infrastructure. Community owned Mini-Grids would be an investment which could stem the tide of your money going overseas to companies like AusNet Services.

It’s about time The Nationals stopped propping up a centralised coal-fired electrical system that is not fit for purpose and really did something to support rural communities into the future.

Ted Minty, North Wonthaggi.