WONTHAGGI Table Tennis juniors social table tennis night is continuing with an exciting mix of players in another new initiative for the club.

It has been an interesting challenge to keep up with the changing groups of players coming in.

Trish Denier is facilitating the program and making everyone welcome, including junior players from age eight, mums and dads, and others with various abilities.

It is a noisy, fun night and everyone is welcome on Thursdays from 6pm.

All equipment is provided.

COVID restrictions apply, so we wait with anticipation to see if juniors’ social table tennis will continue this week.

The second season for A 1 and A2 was off to a great start last week and a new A Grade season for Wonthaggi’s top players commenced for 2021.

Monday A1 has five teams and includes two returning players, Archie Paxton and Paul McCasey.

Archie is playing in a team with his mum, Siobhan, and they were up against Paul and Leanne Costello. The family team came in with a 3-2 win after some extremely close sets.

Leanne and Siobhan went to five, and Siobhan and Paul went to five. Archie and Siobhan won the doubles and this was the clincher. Archie won both his singles. Welcome back, Archie and Paul.

In the other A1 match, Braden Andrighetto and Callum played Dillen Andrighetto and Fred Debono. Braden’s match against Fred was a highlight, but Braden took the fifth 11-7 for a win. The match result was 4-1 to Braden and Callum.

Brad Andrew and John Colomiere were up against Andrew Chetcuti and Trish Denier, which resulted in a very close 3-2 win to Brad and John. There will be a pause this week whilst we wait on COVID restrictions once again.

Tuesday A2: first night play for the season was a big success with seven teams. Two new players were welcomed, Saha – and Glenn Catherine. The theme name for A2 was Australian Animals.

There were some thrilling matches and many close sets played.

Annette McRae began the season with two very good wins against Charley Donohue and Callum. Annette, Brad Andrew and Saha (Quokkas) had a 7-2 win over Charley, Callum and Paul Kromek (Koalas). In the remaining match, Platypus (Andrew Chetcuti, John Colomiere, Roger Catherine) defeated Tasmanian Devils (Jack Donohue, Dillen Andrighetto and Glenn Catherine) 5-4.

Wednesday A Grade: Wonthaggi’s top players are returning after COVID restrictions disappointed in 2020. This is a new initiative with a different criteria, and a great night last week made a promising start.

It is a singles competition and results on a points system after the first night were as follows: Michael Ede 2(8), Michael Chang 2(8), Justin Licis 1(7), Dirk Holwerda 1(4), Jack Duff 0(4), Braden Andrighetto 0(2).

Players were in agreement that the top match for the night was between Michael Chang and Jack Duff. Michael won the match on the seventh 11-7.

Another thriller was between Michael Ede and Justin Licis. Michael won the match on the seventh 12-10. How close can you get!

All comps, Wednesday social table tennis, and Thursday juniors social night will return when COVID restrictions allow. For further information, phone Trish on 5672 3421 or 0407 502 441 or Facebook message Nancy.