The Phillip Island Bakery is the latest exposure site, a Tier 2 site. Anyone who attended the bakery between 1pm and 1.45pm on Tuesday, July 13 must get tested and isolate until they get a negative result.


THE number of exposure sites at Phillip Island and San Remo has continued to grow steadily with Cowes’ North Pier Hotel and San Remo’s Porter Fresh Poke Bowls added as a Tier 1 exposure sites.

The popular Phillip Island Bakery has been added as a Tier 2 site.

At 9.02pm on Friday night, the North Pier Hotel, located at 5 The Esplanade Cowes (main building ground floor) was added for the period Monday, July 12 between 7.22pm-10.47pm as a Tier 1 site.

And Porter Fresh Poke Bowls 117 Marine Parade San Remo was added early on Friday night as a Tier 1 site for the exposure period of Thursday, July 15 10am-10.30am.

Also added were:

At 9.02pm Phillip Island Coffee Co, Thompson Avenue Cowes Wednesday, July 14 9.10am-9.50am (Tier 2).

The Nobbies Monday, July 12 at 3.35-4.20 (T2).

The Nobbies Tuesday, July 13 at 4.37pm-5.10pm (T2)

And at 9.54pm on Friday night DHHS added the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory Tuesday, July 13 2.57pm-3.35pm (T2)

It follows details of a visitor to Phillip Island from Melbourne’s North Eastern Suburbs testing positive for COVID-19, notified Friday, July 16, and reportedly infectious while visiting sites around the Island and at San Remo on Monday, July 12, Tuesday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 14.

The person has returned home and the Gippsland Region Public Health Unit is working closely with the North East Public Health Unit to track and trace.

People who visited the Phillip Island Bakery between 1pm and 1.45pm on Tuesday, July 13 should urgently get tested, then isolate until confirmation of a negative result. Continue to monitor for symptoms, get tested again if symptoms appear.

People who have visited a Tier 1 site, such as Coles Cowes between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on Monday, July 12 have to get tested immediately and quarantine for 14 days regardless of the result of the test.

The impact of the Island’s exposure to one case, identified as the Delta variant, is still unfolding.

Other Phillip Island COVID-19 exposure sites include:

* Phillip Island Chocolate Factory 13/7/2021 2.57pm to 3.35pm (Tier 2)

* Amaze N Things, PI Road 14/7/21 3.46pm – 4.48pm (Tier 2)

* G’Day Tiger Cafe Cowes 13/7/2021 9.16am-10.24am (T2)

* Coles Cowes 12/7/21 4.30pm-5.30pm (T1)

* PI Grand Prix Circuit Ventnor 13/7/2021 11.10am-1.17pm (T1)

* The Jolly Lolly Trolley Cowes 14/7/2021 3.24pm-4.05pm (T2)

* Grumpys Crazy Golf Cowes 14/7/2021 11am-12.45pm (T1)

* San Remo Fishermens Co-op 14/7/2021 6.15pm-7.21pm (T1)

* Phillip Island Ten Pin Cowes 14/7/2021 1.15pm-3.45pm (T1)

If you were at any of these exposure sites at these times, isolate and get tested.

See up to date list of local exposure sites at