AS IF it wasn’t hard enough to do business on Phillip Island already, local traders are upset at the “kick in the guts” they’ve been getting from ‘The Australian’ newspaper and others in the city press.

They say they’ve carelessly and wrongly characterised the confirmed cases among visitors to the Island last week as the “Phillip Island five” or similar.

Here’s an excerpt from an article in ‘The Australian’ on Tuesday, July 20 about the traces of Covid-19 which have been detected in wastewater on Phillip Island.

“Phillip Island is now home to multiple exposure sites and five confirmed cases who have more than 700 primary close contacts on and off the island.”

“The five confirmed cases belong to one social group who are linked to community transmission from the 10 July AFL match at the MCG,” Mr Weimar said.

Yes and no!

Phillip Island is “home” to 33 exposure sites and/or times.

But Phillip Island is not “home… to five confirmed cases”. No, no, no.

And the cases have been generated by the MCG event, not any Phillip Island event or activity.

The “five confirmed cases” were all visitors from Moonee Ponds who have since returned to the northern suburbs of Melbourne and we understand that only one (possibly two) of them were infectious while on the Island.

It’s fingers cross that we don’t get any local cases out of it but, and we’ll put our hand up for it if we do, but Phillip Island business people and the general population don’t want the five cases to marked down as Phillip Island negative.